Intimacy with the Body: Energy Medicine Yoga

I’ve learned to do similar sorts of release work for myself with the combination of practices I utilize. The more one works with the body and mind in movement and meditation the more this sort of thing becomes intuitive and self-directed. The body speaks to us. Always. We need only to learn to listen. It’s part of developing our general sense of internal guidance.

From Sounds True, Insights from the Edge:

yogaLauren Walker is a teacher of both yoga and energy medicine, who has served as Donna Eden’s teaching assistant and founded the yoga program at Norwich University. Lauren’s work has been featured in the New York Times, The Jerusalem Post, and Yoga Journal. With Sounds True, she has released the book Energy Medicine Yoga: Amplify the Healing Power of Your Yoga Practice. In this episode, Lauren speaks with Tami about the effectiveness of combining energy medicine techniques with yoga, how these practices can release trauma, and on-the-spot techniques to calm the fight-or-flight response. Lauren also shares a profound transformational practice called the Pure Breath technique. (76 minutes)

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