What is grace and how can we cultivate it? *free course*

By Lisa Wimberger

graceLast year I had the highest honor of being present for my mother’s last three weeks of life. I’ve never been so heart-broken, so challenged, and so blown open all at once. I had no solid footing, and no good map by which to navigate this new experience. So I let go of my ideas of who she was and who she should be, and became very present to her every breath as though I were looking at her for the first time. And what I realized was that in her acceptance and transition she was teaching me all about grace. It does not come in pompous demonstration, or through tightly gripped fists. It doesn’t come in white robes or on the whispers of soft music. It came with the rattle of each of her breaths, the weakness in her once-strong hands, and in the far-away gaze of her beautiful eyes.

After her death I set out to discover how each of us can cultivate grace in the human condition, no matter what our situation. So I asked those who have suffered, and those who heal others. I asked spiritual practitioners and scientists. And I catalogued these discussion. I’m inviting you into this discussion as I’ve compiled all of these into 11 hours of online content and I’m offering it for free…it’s my commitment to what my mother taught me.

From neuroscientists and MDs, to yoga practitioners and war veterans, these discussions may speak to you in precisely the right moments when grace seems a bit too elusive.

I hope you enjoy this gift.

You can register and see all of the videos here.


lisaLisa Wimberger founded the Neurosculpting® Institute of Boulder to bring science-based mindfulness practices to the main stream.

The post from Beyond Meds on neurosculpting was #5 from the top ten posts of last year. See: “I wrote a new story for my nervous system” — neurosculpting, neuroplasticity

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