Confront abuse by believing. Yes, start by believing

Yes, thank you…go watch this short video (there is no embedding option and it’s worth watching)  Video: Confront abuse by believing.

From the video page:

Pam Rubin, a women’s trauma counsellor and lawyer, explains why we need to start confronting abuse by believing its victims. “We don’t immediately jump to ‘What were you saying, doing, wearing? Are You suffering from mental illness?’” — Confront abuse by believing

There is also this video on youtube with stats and more discussion:

When someone tells you they’ve been raped- how will you respond? Your reaction makes the difference!

Related also on Beyond Meds:

When we are not believed we are more likely to hold that trauma in our bodies in such a way that it will make us sick.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can start having a safer and saner culture and society. We can create a healthier environment. Let’s believe one another.


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