Let life guide you

The more I travel on this healing journey, the clearer it becomes that I am learning to let life-force guide me and thus heal me too. Becoming who I am completely means losing my conditioned self and letting life-force move me into oneness with all. This too is what Carl Jung might call the individuation process. Only you know your own way. Only I know mine. We can share our experiences but never know the other’s completely. See: CG Jung And The ‘Leap Of Faith’ Into Individuation

lifeWhat we can do that takes best care of us is to trust Life completely. Our part is to stay right here, with the breath, paying close attention and moving in the direction Life guides us. In that way, we can learn all there is where we are and be ready to be somewhere else when that learning is complete. – Cheri Huber

The other day I posted a wonderful piece by Charles Eisenstein. That too is in keeping with this idea: Mutiny of the Soul || Charles Eisenstein

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