The future of mental health care is now

DinaTyler1701Dina Tyler is making it happen in the system right now. This is what a peer specialist looks like. We are the ones who can make the system transform. We know, better than anyone, how to help one another and, more importantly, how to help ourselves.

Dina Tyler is working in the system. Anyone who thinks change cannot happen from within hasn’t met people like Dina. I’m for change happening wherever the movers and the shakers dare to go. Inside and outside…there are no rules for us! The only rule is to deeply and profoundly become ourselves.

She also makes it clear that in her life that resistance and non-compliance is what allowed for her recovery.

The video is 4 minutes that is very much worth your time.

Dina Tyler accepts Peer Specialist of the Year award from National Council for Behavioral Health at NatCon15 in Orlando, FL

Congratulations to Dina!


For more about Dina you can listen to the interview on Madness Radio: Communicating With Psychosis

Below is a list of posts from Beyond Meds that look at the system and how we might change it

The below are pieces written specifically about the divide between the professionals in the system and those who are subject to their care and/or abuse.

Other significant pieces:

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