Somatic imperative with Chris Cole: Waking Up Bipolar Podcast

Over the years now I’ve been interviewed on radio and podcasts a number of times. I’ve had fun every time.

This interview with Chris Cole, though, I believe is my favorite so far and that’s because he went straight to what is most important to me at this time in my work. That is the idea of how we are embodied beings and more precisely we talked about that in terms of what I’ve come to call the “somatic imperative.” When I first came up with that term it fit my experience so precisely I’ve started using it all the time. I googled it the first time I used it and it’s not a term that’s been used before. Still, I’ve found that many people resonate with it strongly when I use it and Chris and I had a great conversation that begins with this idea.

The other reason this interview is special in my mind is because Chris and I see things from different vantage points and yet we still have so much in common. I LOVE that. Chris uses the system and has a psychiatrist. He also is comfortable using the DSM diagnosis (while recognising its issues).   I’ve been gravely harmed by psych drugs and don’t go near the system. And I do not give much credence to DSM diagnosis. We understand that we can have very divergent experiences and still find much common ground.

Here is the interview:   The Somatic Imperative with Monica Cassani


For quick reference see:

or for a more inclusive collection of articles about what we discussed:

Here is a PDF I put together as a companion piece. This can be downloaded by clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the PDF image.

Monica Cassani, Somatic Imperative, etc

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One thought on “Somatic imperative with Chris Cole: Waking Up Bipolar Podcast

  1. Hey Monica, Again I find your blog so genuine, gently honest, informative. I just want to support you in every way I can, which is basically at this point bringing a similar voice and sensitivity to my workplace. I am so glad you are in this world. I am tempted, and will oblige, to share something about lying meditation that comes from a book written by Angeles Arrien, a Basque Elder, anthropologist, and, fortunately for me, mentor. As part of her work, which in many ways was to integrate the perennial wisdoms of a wide array of cultures, was to create a medicine wheel that was drawn from her research.
    Each direction is associated with an archetype (healer, teacher, visionary, warrior – of which I see all four in you by the way.) Each direction and archetype is also associated with a meditation posture, (lying, sitting, moving, standing.)

    The archetype of the healer is from the direction of the south and in the season of Spring. The meditation posture is lying. The human resource is love. the healer pays attention to what has heart and meaning. The body equates the lying posture with rest and nourishment that comes from giving and receiving love. The body is placed in its own ‘spirit canoe’ in order to be open to guidance and receive healing. We can then address both positive and challenging experiences that need to be addressed and while in our spirit canoe the various higher forces reveal to us what we need.

    There is much more, but I don’t want to impose on you if this isn’t of interest to you. I just want to share something of great heart and meaning for me with you, someone who is sharing what has great heart and meaning with countless people. I hope you don’t mind.

    Whatever the future holds, much metta,

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