Body, instinct, placebo and a little Goddess Kali

**Deconstructing in order to construct. Kali at work**

This has been my healing process – Kali action.  — The body had real (physical) structures for emotional/spiritual armor…they had to come down…that has been happening via an incredibly difficult heavy metal detox (and other toxins that are in the biofilm matrix).



Samsara rule number one: it’s never enough until it’s too much. This is writ upon my “chronically ill” body to unravel. It’s nightmarish. My body: a reflection of this insane world. A fine tuned instrument that reveals everything to me in the intimacy of being deeply with myself.

Placebo effect is the body’s innate capacity to heal — the general attitude of dismissal and disregard is downright ridiculous.

Placebo effect is instinct…the clearer I’ve gotten the more I’ve stayed away from western doctors! We know how to heal and our bodies will guide the way when we respond to it’s needs, right now, in mindfulness. Sometimes western doctors are actually appropriate then our instinct allows that too… There are no rules. No absolutely nevers. Life is fluid. Surrender allows us to flow.



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