My body is my meditation practice

There is a freedom, vast and beautiful, when one comes to know how insignificant ones importance in the world is. This while also deeply appreciating the great value that we all hold as well.


If your heart is not open to yourself then your heart is not open.


When we are resonant with others what that means is we have shared capacities at bringing in similar info about the nature of reality. It’s a good idea to extend beyond those that we resonate with because from others we can learn new info rather than just be validated. The “tribe” as we are popularly understanding it is a resonant sinkhole of incestuous and limited consciousness.


Layers of delusion and dissociation have been directly correlated with seriously imbalanced viral and bacteria colonies and other issues with biofilm matrixes in the body. As I have cleansed (detoxed) I’ve been healing long-standing “autoimmune disease” (the body does not attack itself…we simply need to learn to listen to the body). The brain injury continues to heal as well. “Mental health issues” associated with trauma also clear up as the layers of dissociation disappear with the biofilm matrixes. Word “disappear” while true, belies the real work involved in letting go. This has an emotional/spiritual process and a physical one. No separation.

This healing process has largely been a process of returning to the body.

Listen to the body.

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I have had to unlearn everything I took in via, not only western medicine, but all manner of “alternative” conditioning as well. Only my body knows what is right for me and almost everything else is driven by capitalism and is tainted by peoples desperation to make a buck and control others.


My body is my meditation practice.

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You do not need energy when you need to rest. Put down the stimulants. Listen to your body — rest if that is what you need.


the real world is a place that exists outside the conventional understandings of the world. Conventional understandings of the world are in place to help people avoid existential terror.



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