Heavy metals

Heavy metals are just one really heinous environmental toxin that gets into the nervous system and exponentially potentiates “negative” emotions (as well as being painful in ways that go far beyond what most people can conceive of and is associated with all manner of chronic illness and other infections all across the population…which is why the medical establishment shrinks away from the reality and calls people crazy, etc). It’s messed up and only people who have experienced the detox in its extremes really know it–most people teaching detox are working in the dark.

Heavy metal detox can be dangerous as well and some people are much more seriously impacted than others. Your average detox guru is probably safe enough for less complex situations but when we get into the highly complex there is literally no one giving decent info out there. That’s because every healing journey is unique to the individual. The body must be met anew in every instance. General protocols cease to be helpful and can be dangerous. 

Another problem is that mainstream modalities mock folks with these very serious life-threatening issues telling them they’re crazy and don’t even acknowledge what is happening most of the time. There are many folks in living hells with absolutely no help at all…many of these people don’t even know what the issue is because it’s not recognized by the medical establishment.

At the very least there is some research that supports the fact that this is really happening but even then it also remains true that no one knows how to effectively and safely approach worst case scenarios. For example see: (from National Institute of Health)  Chelation: Harnessing and Enhancing Heavy Metal Detoxification—A Review

To be clear, there is a general agreement that heavy metals are some sort of nebulous problem “out there” but when it comes to the individuals who are most impacted there’s little to no recognition in the MD’s office…mostly because, again, they have zero training on such things and they therefore have no idea what they’re seeing when seriously impacted folks present, nor do they know how to help. Hence, the patient must be crazy. It’s a nasty world out there for sensitives quite often. We have to find our own ways out.

The body does and will lead the way as we learn to listen to it.


The body knows

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3 thoughts on “Heavy metals

  1. Heavy metals. DDT. Dioxins. Phenols. Gypsum & asbestos. I’ve swallowed and been coated in all of them.


  2. I think Anthony William/”Medical Medium” has done work in that area. I do not know how trustworthy it is though.


    1. he’s actually better than most though he still universalizes the info he shares in ways that are dangerous for the most sensitive of folks. He also believes his own story too much. I also don’t like his marketing strategy…which does universalize…he’s a guru. Guru’s are inherently unsafe if you follow them instead of your own body. I have found supportive intuitive info from him, however. He is definitely clued in to a great extent but I also think he’s doing some very slippery slope creepy capitalistic stuff. Nonetheless I have been grateful for the ways in which he as actually corroborated some of what I’ve been able to learn from my own body. I’ve definitely had to go beyond what he does for my own unique self. I would never ever present a protocol to the masses simply because healing just doesn’t work that way. We’re all very different in ways that he doesn’t seem to understand, in fact. Though he does give it lip service some.


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