Trauma, detox (physical and mental) and other odds and ends

Trauma is not an aberration. It is normal. This needs to be appreciated. The human being uses trauma to evolve and grow and come into awareness. It’s just part of the deal. We are a traumatizing species.

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ABOUT TRAUMA AND THE INNER CHILD from two years ago (still resonates from a somewhat different place)

The injured traumatized child is running the show…in order to heal…I need to let her do that…the traumatized (deeply embodied child ) needs my trust to heal…

the internal/eternal child also needs me to parent her and soothe from time to time. the healing process is a razors edge…sometimes she starts to spin out of control. My adult isn’t always good at separating from her terror. We’re working on it.

Chronic illness is the traumatized child writ large upon the body screaming for attention. I am listening.

The traumatized self, in paradox, holds within it the highest functioning self. It’s clear I cannot be healthy without heeding the child.

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“Detox” is about eating well so that the body can clear daily. We’re always detoxing if we’re healthy. It’s when our detox pathways are challenged with crap food and environmental toxins etc that we get sick & actually need to think about detox. The healthy body detoxes everyday.

Detox is a word with way too much mystification around it. The healthy body detoxes without fanfare. We need to be caring for the body in the way mother nature intended, however. Our society is a long way off. As we come into alignment the body teaches us how to care for it.

mental and emotional and physical are all the same…totally interconnected. I’ve had to do really radical physical detox and it’s highly correlated with trauma release etc…in all sorts of sometimes mind-blowing ways. I wish I had more places to discuss and  share what I’ve learned.

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Narrative is a tool of interpretation. Within a person’s life a narrative can change many times. Alternately one might apply a multitude of narratives to a single issue so that in we can see ourselves through many prisms & thus have a more holistic understanding of our experience

Imposing our narrative on another is violence, just as their imposing theirs on us is too.

Narratives carry what might be called energetic information. If one cannot find the energetic truth of another’s personal narrative one cannot communicate with the other.

Ultimately when one frees themselves from attachment to any particular narrative, then narratives cease to have energetic impact and clarity comes. Clarity is free of story.

free the story…free yourself.

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Healing hurts. Let the pain speak. Pain management is often necessary and grounded in kindness and mercy. Pain avoidance on the other hand will go too far. Learn to walk the line. Healing is found there.

The medical system, both for physical and mental health, is largely based on pain avoidance-it’s not sustainable. We must feel to deeply heal. Fact is, healing hurts and sometimes badly…this is simply the way it is.

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after years of paying attention to how food impacts my body/mind/spirit I can now, once again, eat whatever I want. It just so happens what I want happens to be good for me. Always, now.

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Blaming someone for their “negativity” is a very negative thing to do. Feeling whatever arises is a very positive thing to do, even when the feelings are awful and dark. Let that stuff flow right through so that we might be available for joy, too, when it comes.


I am a neuroplastic Wonder Woman.

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Quite simply, being “awake” means being able to trust our instincts.

Another way of considering effective awareness is being in “right relationship” with all things. This amounts to moving in seamless-flow with everything — internally and externally. This is also an awake intuitive state guided by instinct.

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Yesterday I was at the grocery store and there was a mom with 3 small children who was holding a screaming 1 year old. I made eye-contact with the child, made a goo goo face and he went silent. So I very lightly touched his arm with one finger hoping to further soothe him.

the mom missed the magic moment when he went silent as our eyes met. she instead violently turned around & yelled, “Don’t touch him!” I backed off & quickly apologized. Then said “I was hoping to soothe him.” She responded, “I don’t need any help!” I said, “I appreciate that.”

And I did. I understood how frightened she was. How traumatized. My heart broke as I watched her dealing with her cart full of 3 small children & I wished there was a way I could reach her. Hug her. Tell her it was going to be ok. The truth is I have no idea if it will be.


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