~~ don’t chase and don’t run away from feelings ~~ (and yoga teacher training update)

first! thanks to those of you who have made donations towards my yoga teacher training. I’m now officially enrolled. I’m excited. It’s the first ongoing commitment I have made (outside of my home) in 10 years. I was explicit about my limitations and they remained enthusiastic about my participation. I will continue taking donations. I’ve paid for one third of the $3000 tuition fee. I have until June to finish paying in monthly installments. Any help will continue to be much appreciated. donate with PayPal  here. More on that here: yoga teacher training. a long time coming

and now some regularly scheduled odds and ends for your perusal:


The collective dream is the hypnosis of social conditioning. Only sages, psychotics & geniuses manage to break free. ~Deepak Chopra

In response to Deepak I say:  Be the sage, the psychotic and the genius… they are all within us, every single one. 

~~ don’t chase and don’t run away from feelings ~~  that’s right,  You can’t heal what you don’t feel.


Shut down the narrative about what and why you are doing what you do and just start watching yourself in action and in stillness, too. Watch and learn.

(meditation is really just the process of learning to pay attention)


Projection: so obvious when we watch others doing it

Not so clear when we’re doing it, right?

Stop pointing outward.

Look within.


there are no sides. there is no us and them. wake up.


Untying knots. That’s a fair way to explain the whole of my healing process…even if it eliminates all detail which is also very important from other vantage points. In any case, Untying Knots is likely to look totally different from one person to the next.


It’s good to remember nothing is all toxic nothing is all pure –there is a time and place for everything — there’s a time and place to put down everything.


I no longer use social media in ways that stress me out. I’m here to tell you, it can be done.


The Earth is calling me back home. I feel strong even when I’m weak. What magic.


Sorely under appreciated is the fact that the microbiome largely controls consciousness. When the gut is full of toxic bacteria/virus we are quite literally possessed by bugs that make us unwell. Our ancestors were not stupid when they recognized possession. They were right.

Also the microbiome is not just in the gut. It gets complicated — biofilm actually can spread all over the body and those infections do not show up in lab work so it becomes very complicated and Western medicine really doesn’t know anything about how to help people who are most seriously impacted. Understanding the microbiome and gut/brain health remains in its infancy and most MDs have no clue how to meaningfully support, let alone heal, the gut and body once there are grave imbalances.

(more on gut and health)


There is nothing under the sun that is appropriate for everyone all the time. capitalism and marketing will have you believe that you need all sorts of crap you absolutely do not need…pay attention and extract yourself from the machine….

Our society teaches us to compete. Stop it. Just stop competing. And stop listening to marketing that says that every damn last thing is the best thing ever. Just stop that too.


For a multitude of ideas about how to create a life filled with safe alternatives to psychiatric drugs visit the drop-down menus at the top of this page. 


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