Living in Gratitude

Caroline Myss—a woman who sometimes scares the bejeezus out of me. I’ve read her books and watched videos and listened to CDs. She can make me mighty uncomfortable and also profoundly serene at different times.

I like the part about waiting at the end. I am in a profound state of waiting.

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  1. she totally has an edge Duane, I’m not kidding when I say she scares the crap out of me…

    but it’s just her personality…we do not all respond to the same teachers…I would not choose her myself as a main teacher, but in small bits the woman does indeed have wisdom…and for some I imagine she’s just the right thing.

  2. interesting gianna
    i’ll have to read more of her stuff…she is fascinating
    not enough to just listen to one video, and draw an opinion

    i enjoyed what she had to say, but it just had an edge to it…
    i think learning to love ourselves, and be kind to ourselves is so important (and so very hard for anyone who has experienced trauma….the damaging effects of psych drugs, and/or both)….

    thanks for sharing her views
    always learn something new from you –


  3. no…it’s not just Christian Duane, not at all in my opinion…and I’m was a religious studies major…though I’m certainly no theologian.

    Caroline Myss is a theologian…she has a PhD in theology.

    She grew up Catholic and loves the Christian mystics but would not call herself christian as far as I understand her.

  4. Gianna,

    I thought about this video for the rest of yesterday, and again today….

    I think she’ certainly on to something when she says we all need to have gratitude, and that finding Spirit is in the waiting, and in the trust of that guidance….

    But, I found something missing, and I thought about this until it came to me….

    Love….this is what I think the Spirit is….
    And so, in the “waiting”, we strive to be gracious for the gift of life (because love is life, and vice-versa)….

    But, I believe this Spirit to be not only Love, but unconditional love…..

    In my mind, the “waiting” requires a couple of things –
    Trust, as she points out….patience….without question….

    But, also kindness and gentleness toward ourselves…..When we’re angry, or upset about the condition we find ourselves…I don’t think we have earned the right to be hard on ourselves about these feelings – they’re very real….

    I don’t know if any of this makes sense….I only know that as a dad I love my boys when they’re patient, and I also love them when they’re not…..surely, this Spirit inside/outide of us has the same level of tolerance/understanding….

    I also realize that this view of Spirit – that involves relationship to Spirt is probably more Christian in thought…..and, I hardly consider myself a theologian….It’s just what I believe, that’s all.


  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one made ‘uncomfortable’ by CM…
    I have made several stabs at her book “Sacred Contracts” but get put-off by one thing or another.
    [have to watch video when I get home – work comp has no sound card, poor lil’ ol’ me!]

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