Accepting guest posts

Anyone have something they think is in keeping with the spirit of this blog? Think about contributing.

This is always an option, but right now I actually could use the help.

My email address is on the side bar, or leave a comment and I’ll write to you.


UPDATE: anything submitted is subject to review and would need little or no editing.

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  1. Hello Gianna,

    Thank you TONS for the email you sent recently; I have been intending over and over to respond to it, but my professional life has taken a turn for the weird lately and I have been practically living at work lately.

    In any case, my new blog doesn’t deal with my psychiatric history at all, and I would love to write a guest post here regarding my med withdrawal (3 or 4 months med-free now!) as well as the attempt to go med-free that was made by my fiancee. I’m sure that you and your countless readers would enjoy something of this nature.

    Take care and get better, I’m rooting for you!


  2. gianna,

    sorry for not scrolling down further and finding mindfreedom.
    i don’t want to waste your time, i know it is precious.

    i have very little screen time daily, as i am at home with a toddler who doesn’t like his mother staring at a screen instead of him. anyway, i was looking into what kind of activism is going on with respect to changing the way mental health is dealt with and the power drug companies wield, since we have a new administration that is very open to Change.

    So, if i write up an invitation about the upcoming APA meeting and peaceful prostest, you will post it here? I can do that. Would that be an acceptable entry?

    i truly hope you feel better.


    1. MindFreedom is already on my sidebar…
      thanks for your comment

      I’m actually asking that YOU write the post if you want something published. I’m not well right now..if I was I have endless ideas…

      I need people to do the work right now.

      that being said anything submitted is subject to review and would need little of no editing.


      1. Arianna,
        where did you get the idea I didn’t want you to post??

        and you shouldn’t have been unsubsribed…if you were subscribe again…but I’m notified when someone is unsubscribed and I got no notification that you were…
        you are welcome here.

  3. Dear Giannakali, I will try to contact you two different ways. One way is to try to make this post and hope you are the moderator. The other way I will try to make contact with you is to directly e-mail you.

    It seems I may have become unsubscribed to bipolar blast.

    If you find my posts, my life experience to be inappropriate, then I would be happy to just read the posts and not try to respond.

    I’m not sure what the problem is. I am a person, in complete agreement with many posters here, and your main post. I am stuck, like everyone else, on pills that are being promoted by a predatory system run by Big Pharma. I have the added advantage of being a scientist, who, many years ago, worked for pharmaceutical companies, but that was long, long before they were as corrupt as they are now. My scientific background could help.

    However, as I have said, I would like to get the posts, even if you do not want me to make posts to your blog.

    Thank you for your consideration.


  4. how about adding MindFreedom’s website to your blog and asking folks to join them too:

    and how about encouraging as many folks as possible to come to San Fran on May 17, 2009 for some peaceful protesting at the American Psychiatric Academy’s annual meeting!

  5. Kimbriel,
    I’m happy to know that you’re researching. You have time to choose and be more informed about what kind of problems you will face with each drug.

  6. hmmm, I’ll try to think about it. Although I write about similar topics, I just don’t know as much about this stuff as you do, since I’m so new to it. And right now, I’m filled with so much anger, it’s affecting my writing style. (the anger is due to constantly being dismissed by mainstream psychiatry; it’s only been 9 months and already I’m sick to death of it).

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