What is it with this supreme idiocy?? It’s well documented that neuroleptics CAUSE metabolic syndromes and yet these medical journals aren’t calling a spade a spade

It seems almost conspiratorial. It’s certainly criminal. I posted on a piece from PsychCentral about a week ago talking about similar results while not mentioning that the drugs cause these problems.

I also posted a piece that clearly states these drugs are killing us here and that docs aren’t monitoring us. Now we see medical journals actively keeping docs in the dark about the cause of these “mysterious” metabolic issues in the “chronically mentally ill.” As if it’s the nature of our sick minds and not the drugs that give us metabolic issues.

NOT being explicit about these drugs CAUSING these problems is an egregious omission. And now it’s happening in Australia too and being spread all over the world in this article.

From Medical News Today we’ve got the “heads-up our asses report:”

Patients With Schizophrenia At Increased Risk Of Metabolic Syndrome

Patients suffering from schizophrenia and other severe mental illnesses are twice as likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome as the general population, according to the results of a recent study published in the Medical Journal of Australia in the article Prevalence of metabolic syndrome among Australians with severe mental illness.

To be diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, patients needed to have a combination of several specific criteria, such as high blood pressure, a high fasting blood sugar level and abdominal obesity. People with the metabolic syndrome are at increased risk of early coronary heart disease and death.

The study involved 203 patients with a mental illness requiring treatment with an antipsychotic medication seen at the mental health service in metropolitan Perth, Western Australia. It found that 54% of these patients had metabolic syndrome.

Lead author of the study, Dr Alexander John, said the high prevalence of metabolic syndrome in the group – almost double the prevalence of the Australian population - is worrying.

“Furthermore, the increasing prevalence was not confined to patients with schizophrenia, but occurred among those with a variety of other psychiatric disorders [including bipolar disorder].”

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13 thoughts on “What is it with this supreme idiocy?? It’s well documented that neuroleptics CAUSE metabolic syndromes and yet these medical journals aren’t calling a spade a spade

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  1. I’ve been having trouble with youtube lately….

    I’ve heard of that film Jurriann but haven’t seen it yet…will try to take a look if youtube starts behaving…or my connection…

    not sure which one is bad.

  2. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose, as they say in France..

    This is re-hash of an old fraud, albeit in new territory for Organized Psychiatry.

    Psychiatry used to claim that the symptoms of “schizophrenia” included movement disorders like tardive dyskinesia, dystonias, akathisia, and parkinsonism, etc.

    In truth, of course, those disfiguring, stigmatising and often permanent movement disorders, are caused not by the “schizophrenia”, but by the anti-psychotics drugs used as treatments for the condition.

    These drug-induced disorders are known as iatrogenic diseases.

    Eventually, psychiatry was forced reluctantly to come clean and admit that its wonder drugs were brain-damaging upwards of 40% of long-term “schizophrenics”.

    The law suits duly followed, and settlement of millions of dollars were awarded to those whose lives have been ruined by Psychiatrists and the Psychopharmaceutical Industry, in their psychopathic pursuit of power and profit.

    The true horrors of anti-psychotics have stated to unravel even faster now that shrinks are dishing out the drugs for a whole range of health problems.

    It is virtually undisputed that many, if not most people prescribed an anti-psychotic, regardless of their underlying psychological condition, will go on to develop some form of drug-induced brain damage.

  3. Unfortunately it’s all about the money when it comes to giving out meds that isn’t working. If it doesn’t cost their patients XXX then they don’t like the profit margin in their pockets.
    One should be allowed to choose what they want to for their health. After all each person as to be their own activist. The leader per say. Get all the information that’s needed to make a informative decision.

    1. I’m not resigning from this website…I’m resigning from the Alterative Mental Health Safe Harbor group that you linked to. That website has a support group affiliated with it that I’ve been moderating for quite some time…

      I now have a social network I run associated with this site as well as a new paid position with another organization so I just don’t have the time or energy to continue there…

  4. I don’t believe that individuals like us can do anything to control the big medico-pharmaceutical industrial complex. It is up to us individual to stop seeing psychiatrists and psychologist who benefit from this industry. Governments are beholden to this industry as they fund political parties who then come to power.

    There are alternatives and most people with mental illness can treat themselves to a great extent with the help of such web sites as:



    [b][url=http://www.hypoglycemia.asn.au/articles/self-help_personal_growth.html]Self Help Personal Growth Program[/url][/b]

    and ask to be referred to a Nutritional Doctor, Clinical Nutritionist or Nutritional Psychologist for further assessment and treatment if you want to. But most can be achieved by self-help therapy.

  5. Gianna,

    I’m boiling over this…..
    The Treatment Advocacy Center, and their push to lower the bar on what’s needed to place people on these drugs….state-by-state…..Away from ‘iminnent threat’ and toward some really goofy, subjective, psuedoscientific testimony from some wanna-be doc in front of a mental health court judge….

    And, then they’re off – the next one gets placed on drugs – against their will….We are a free people…..We live under the rule of law…..

    The Treatment Advocacy Center want to put someone on drugs against their will….They need to do it legally….With a judge, and a jury, and an attorney representing the person being ‘accused’ of being a threat…And the person being ‘accused’ needs to have access to question them as well….And an attorney needs to be present – representing the person who has been deemed “mentally ill”……

    FORCING people to take this crap!
    Now, that’s a crime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Other than that, I have no opinion –


  6. Gianna,

    You said –

    “It seems almost conspiratorial”.

    It isn’t (obviously)….They’re doing this right in front of our eyes now, as the reports continue to come out….

    The scary part is that nobody seems to be willing to stop them.
    The last big ‘settlement’ with Eli Lilly – Zyprexa….

    Think of the loss of life, and they got hit with a ‘misdemeanor’ and ‘fines’ to the states, etc….and, they plead guilty to one count of FDA violation…in spite of all of the injury and all of the death they caused….

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – the bar needs to be raised to a felony, and people need to start going to jail!

    Then, and only then will this stop.

    We need to write our President and ask that he appoint the U.S. Attorney General to assign U.S. attorneys to investigate – the entire cartel – the drug makes and all their suppliers (to include NAMI), and we need to ask the U.S. Senate to investigate as well – subpoenas, under oath – grant immunity to those in mid-level who rat out those at the top….

    This is racketeering….This a big phama/big govt/big ‘non-profi’t ‘mob’….and they need to go to jail!


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