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14-084Often we hear the adage, “Follow your heart.” But having practiced and looked at all the things that have arisen in my heart, I’ve seen that while some things were fine and beautiful, many were not so noble. The heart is not only driven by love, kindness, and compassion; it is also driven by desire, greed, and anger. We need to train the heart, not simply follow it. –Joseph Goldstein, from A Heart Full of Peace

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  1. I think if we remember the words of the great Yaqui shaman Don Juan and “follow the path with heart” we may avoid running around without a compass…what this means to me is that it is not enough to simply follow your heart because your heart may be deluded. Losing our illusions is hard but many of us have had glimpses of the world beyond illusion. Remember Plato’s story of the Cave and how a whole society believed that the shadows on the wall represented reality? The ‘Way’ or the ‘path’ are what is real and it is the one you are already on. Maybe we are asleep, maybe not. Who cares? 😀 Just do your best!
    &emdashAll my teachers…

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