Tracking the American Epidemic of Mental Illness – Part I and ll, by Evelyn Pringle

Tracking the American Epidemic of Mental Illness - Part I -- Evelyn Pringle -- OpEdNews -- Over a twenty year span, starting when Prozac came on the market in 1987, the number of people on government disability due to mental illness went from 1.25 million to more than 4 million today. There has been a... Continue Reading →

Madness Radio: Art and Schizophrenia Louis Sass

Does modern art, such as Artaud, Beckett, and Duchamp, parallel the mad frames of mind that get labeled "schizophrenia?" Is extreme sensitivity and inner self-consciousness behind artistic innovation and breaks with reality? Rutgers University psychologist Louis Sass, author of Madness And Modernism: Insanity in the Light of Modern Art, Literature, and Thought, discusses art as... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness, synchronicity, more serious adverse reactions to SSRIs and the death of normality…Thursday news and blogs

Reading: “Mindfulness for Pain Relief: Guided Practices for Reclaiming Your Body and Your Life,” by Jon Kabat-Zinn -- Book Review -- WildMind -- As someone who uses mindfulness and meditation to manage chronic back pain myself, I felt a pang that this material was not available 25 years ago when I was first learning to meditate.... Continue Reading →

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