We are WEIRDos and shouldn’t forget it!

A WEIRD View of Human Nature Skews Psychologists' Studies Although undergraduates from wealthy nations are numerous and willing research subjects, psychologists are beginning to realize that they have a drawback: They are WEIRDos. That is, they are people from Western, educated, industrialized, rich, and democratic cultures. In a provocative review paper published last week, a... Continue Reading →

Wellness care instead of disease management, Soldiers dying in their sleep, omega 3 for depression, Pfizer ends pediatric drug trial: Friday news and blogs

Healthcare vs. disease management -- Healthy Skeptic -- Wellness care is what we need. Disease management is what we have. --Wellness care would save insurance companies billions of dollars each year. But it would devastate the bottom lines of the pharmaceutical industry.-- Wellness care is what I will offer my patients. And it’s the vision I... Continue Reading →

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