How I cured my irritable bowel syndrome–healthy gut is needed for healthy body and mind

I'm reposting this because it seems that IBS is incredibly common among people with mental health issues as well as anyone who has been on psychotropics. The simple things I did to get to the root of my gut problem are so easy anyone can do them. I give out this information with some frequency... Continue Reading →

Meditation, thoughts on relationship with parents, the Nemeroff probe and more info on SSRI antidepressants: Wednesday news and blogs

This Is Your Brain On Meditation: Mingyur Rinpoche Describes The Science Of Happiness -- More on neuroplasticity -- The gamma activity, increased by meditation, remained high even after meditation had ceased. The studies indicated that meditation was an example of neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to change). Simply put, the laboratory concluded that meditation... Continue Reading →

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