“This is a brain injury situation”

I am sharing with you all today the words of my neuro psych doc who has been on this journey with me from the beginning. He's one of my biggest fans who passes my blog onto shrinks of all stripes. I also attribute his influence being the catalyst that got me going on freeing myself... Continue Reading →

Mostly conflict of interest coverage, doctors behaving badly: Thursday news and blogs

Lots of coverage of the following conflict of interest story: At the NIH, conflicting stories of conflict of interest -- Washington Post -- It's been just three weeks since the National Institutes of Health announced new guidelines to deal with long-standing concerns that federally funded researchers were being influenced by millions of dollars from the... Continue Reading →

Psychiatry almost drove me crazy, by Paul Levy

By Paul Levy, bio at end article. This is a long piece you may want to print out. I am a survivor of severe psychiatric abuse. There was a year or so in the early 1980’s when I was in and out of psychiatric hospitals at least four times. During my visits to the hospital... Continue Reading →

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