The accidental addict –documentary: benzodiazepines in the news

The Accidental Addict (NZ news magazine) Assignment programme from 1995 dealing with the issue of iatrogenic benzodiazepine dependence. This is a 15 year old documentary. Why in hell are doctors still handing this crap out like candy? This phenomena of severe benzodiazepine withdrawal and post-withdrawal syndrome has been known about for two decades at least! The... Continue Reading →

Trauma and schizophrenia, poor diet and depression, pharma backs a “documentary” about female sexual dysfunction, and Generation Monsanto, demand GMO labeling: Friday news and blogs

Sexual Trauma May Spark Mental Health Problems -- Science Daily -- This should be from the department of "no shit, Sherlock," but the fact is the psychiatric community just doesn't seem to want to deal with the fact that almost ALL people who have been labeled with serious psychiatric labels have been traumatized in childhood.... Continue Reading →

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