Robert Whitaker on C-SPAN this evening and tomorrow

Taken from BookTV on C-SPAN (now available to view on the website) update Sunday, June 20th at 5pm (ET) Monday, June 21st at 5am (ET) Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America About the Program The 1998 Pulitzer Prize Finalist and author of "Mad in... Continue Reading →

Communicating, Not Fighting

When we are angry it may be important for us to communicate what we feel. But how we do this is critical. Simply blasting other people with our anger is not skillful or kind. We may think, “Well, they’re so thick-headed, I need to yell in order to get through to them.” But it’s difficult... Continue Reading →

Life is such as it is…nothing more nothing less. We are all ordinary.

Lovely dharma talk! From Shambala SunSpace In my view, Buddhism is very ordinary. In fact, the Buddha was just an ordinary man, and his Teachings are most ordinary. Bodhisattvas are ordinary, Zazen is ordinary, Enlightenment is nothing special; simply ordinary. Needless to say, this whole universe and all of life are totally ordinary, you and... Continue Reading →

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