Robert Whitaker – Rethinking Psychiatric Care (video)

From the youtube page this video comes from: During the past 20 years, the number of adults in the United States on federal disability rolls due to mental illness has more than tripled, rising from 1.25 million people in 1987 to more than four million in 2007. The number of children receiving a federal disability... Continue Reading →

Four months off psych drugs, still healing from withdrawal syndrome

So it's my fourth month anniversary. As it was approaching I thought I wouldn't be posting anything for it, since after a bit of a good spell things had turned for the worse and I didn't want to share. But then I ended up posting to the benzo boards and then again sent the post... Continue Reading →

The potential wonder of placebo, a politician deals with psych hospitalization, toxic food, Unhinged and Nemeroff: Wednesday news and blogs

Let's be honest about placebo | Ed Halliwell | Comment is free | -- This guy is more tentative than I would be but I love any conversation about the wonders of placebo. Placebo is the core of our wonderful holistic nature...we have what we need to heal inside of us! BBC News -... Continue Reading →

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