Any Advertisement that appears on this site is put there by WordPress and not me

I've now seen one advertisement and had reports from two other people that they are appearing from time to time. I know that wordpress says they reserve that right but it had never happened before. One of the advertisements was for a rehab or detox clinic apparently and the person who saw it believed I supported... Continue Reading →

Madness Radio’s vibrant voices can be heard over the collective din

Will Hall, who co-edits on this blog with the handle "madnessradio" is being featured in an article in the Guardian. Here is an excerpt from the article celebrating Madness Radio and Will Hall. I noticed there is at least one mistake being that he is in Seattle. He's actually in Portland. Anyway...if there are anymore... Continue Reading →

The Psychopharmaceutical Industrial Complex: continuing the series, Tracking the American Epidemic of Mental Illness

I posted part one and two of this last week. I'm reposting the series so that you can see part three which has been added today. Tracking the American Epidemic of Mental Illness - Part I -- Evelyn Pringle -- OpEdNews -- Over a twenty year span, starting when Prozac came on the market in 1987,... Continue Reading →

What is happening to our brains on the internet? Social dreaming and PTSD in the military: Tuesday news and blogs

Speculation on what is happening to our brains on the internet: Does the Internet Make You Dumber? The cognitive effects are measurable: We're turning into shallow thinkers, says Nicholas Carr. -- WSJ-- The Roman philosopher Seneca may have put it best 2,000 years ago: "To be everywhere is to be nowhere." Today, the Internet grants... Continue Reading →

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