Free John (psychiatric prisoner)…action requested

Sign the petition here. John Hunt is a trauma survivor with a diagnosis of 'paranoid schizophrenia'. He has spent over four years locked up in Carraig Mor psychiatric treatment centre in Cork city, Ireland. He has been over-medicated on an array of psychotropic medications with dangerous adverse effects. He has had tardive dyskinesia, akathasia and... Continue Reading →

Sara Carlin’s inquest (Canada), teenage Paxil suicide

Sara Carlin lost her life due to her use of Seroxat (Paxil). This is what her family is fighting GlaxoSmithKline in court in Canada. Bob Fiddiman of Seroxat Sufferers is covering the story. Here are the latest links in chronological order: Sara Carlin Inquest - Latest Sara Carlin Inquest - Failure of Oakville Medical Profession... Continue Reading →

Yeah, shit happens…and then good stuff does too

An ancient Chinese story tells of a farmer in a poor country village. He was considered well-to-do because he owned a horse that he used for plowing and transportation. One day his horse ran away. All his neighbors exclaimed how terrible this was, but the farmer simply replied, "Maybe." A few days later the horse... Continue Reading →

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