Withdrawal from antidepressant leads to spiral into polydrugging, until Molly realizes that drugs are the problem and emerges victorious

I met Molly in a benzo group. She reached out to tell me that she was 3 years free of drugs and happy and healthy. This is her story which she wrote at one year drug free two years ago. It has been one year since I have ingested benzos or any other prescription drugs. ... Continue Reading →

Spiritual democracy, be your own doctor, shopping guidelines and tyranny in Australia: Monday news and blogs

Spiritual Democracy: People Are Beautiful -- Huffington Post, Lee Schneider -- "Empathic moments are the most intensely alive experiences we ever have. We empathize with each others' struggles against death and for life. One acknowledges the whiff of death in another's frailties and vulnerabilities. No one ever empathizes with a perfect being." - Jeremy Rifkin... Continue Reading →

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