NIH Reform Compromised By Chief NIMH Psychiatrist: more doctors behaving badly

This is a story I've been neglecting because my poor brain can handle just so much. I was glad to see Vera Sharav at AHRP do a nice little synopsis of the coverage today. From Sharav's email: An investigative report by The Chronicle of Higher Education (June 6, 2010) revealed that Dr. Charles Nemeroff, who... Continue Reading →

Transformation begins with us

Revolutions begin when people who are defined as problems achieve the power to redefine the problem. ~ John McKnight Hat tip National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery Got this quote in their monthly email newsletter. I'm dedicating this to John Hunt, Psychiatric Prisoner, with much love. Even while his family and community create a safe... Continue Reading →

Psychiatric prisoner

Grainne is a close friend of mine who has been working tirelessly not only for the release of her partner, John, but also for all people who are wrongly labeled and locked up like chattel. She believes crisis is a messenger for personal transformation. She is deeply concerned and appalled by the drugging and labelling... Continue Reading →

Switching mental illness off and on? girls reach puberty much earlier and female sexual dysfunction, fun with disease mongering: Thursday news and blogs

The Switches That Can Turn Mental Illness On and Off -- Discover --The difference between one personality and another is not determined by genes alone. Love’s got something to do with it too... This month’s column is a tale of two rats. One rat got lots of attention from its mother when it was young;... Continue Reading →

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