Courage and recovery

From Pat Deegan’s blog I’m sharing an excerpt from an essay on courage and recovery which resonated deeply with me. At the end of the post she has a little video where she speaks the words from the post. It’s really quite lovely.

A taste from the essay:

When I talk about my recovery, people sometimes tell me I must have a lot of courage. However, if I am honest, I would have to say I never felt particularly courageous during my recovery. Mostly I felt determined, afraid and uncertain. I felt determined to get well, afraid I couldn’t do it and uncertain about how to get the life I wanted for myself. I was not a courageous hero. I was scared and vulnerable, but I continued (on most days) to put one foot in front of the other on the long walk of my recovery. (to read the essay and listen to it recited in video click here)

One of my favorite posts on this blog is a post in which I link to a few of Pat Deegan’s works and there are two inspiring videos, one in which she asks, “What is your survivor’s Misson?

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