“Healing Homes” recovery from psychosis without medication

Announcing a new film by Daniel Mackler. I asked Daniel to do a little introduction for this blog. This is what he said:

I made this film as a reminder not just that people labeled with that thing called psychosis can recover without medications, but to show that there are programs in the world that keep this as the cornerstone of their philosophy, and actually go to great lengths to buck the present trends of traditional psychiatry in order to make it a reality.

This is the trailer:

From the youtube channel:

Trailer for “Healing Homes,” a 79-minute documentary on recovery from psychosis without medication. An in-depth exploration of the Family Care Foundation, a Swedish organization which places people failed by traditional psychiatry in families, many of whom are farm families, as a start to a whole new life. Interviews with clinicians, clients, and host families. Directed by Daniel Mackler.

I’ve not seen Healing Homes yet, but it’s in the mail. I’ll let the readers here know more when I do.

I shared another great documentary by Mackler a couple of years ago. Well worth seeing. Take These Broken Wings. Honestly one of the most heartwarming hopeful films I’ve ever seen.

Update: Open Dialogue is Daniel’s third film.

All of Daniel’s documentary films can be purchased here.

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