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I was thrilled to be invited to blog at Mad in America, Robert Whitaker's new and improved uber-website. There are lots of other wonderful bloggers that I am honored to be among. My new blog is called, Lotus in the Mud. That link includes my bio. I posted my first piece today. It's a distillation and development of a topic I've written about on this blog several times.

Bridging the Patient-Professional Divide

People with psychiatric labels suffer discrimination that is not only demeaning but can also be dangerous. A 2007 UK study by the Royal College of Psychiatrists revealed that prejudicial treatment of mentally ill patients extends to physical medical care; they receive poorer quality of care and doctors spend less time with them possibly leading to higher rates... Continue Reading →

Letting babies “cry it out” — the first experience of abuse for many children

I've talked many times about our culture being one of abuse. So much so that many times we are not even aware of the harm being done. This is one of the many reasons "mental illness" is so incredibly difficult to get a handle on.

Evolutionary Psychiatry: nutrition and mental health

Update 4/8/12: Just a note about Emily Deans. Her information on diet and nutrition and how it can affect mental health amounts to a treasure trove. It's an excellent source of information. She, however, still remains stubbornly attached to the primacy of medications and their use for long-term maintenance, even early on in someone's illness (most clearly when... Continue Reading →

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