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Lots of people get severe iatrogenic illness on psychiatric drugs. Many of them don't have a diagnosis and most probably don't even know the drugs they're on are making them sick. I have severe illness but since I was on so many drugs for so many years there isn't one company I can blame. Hence no lawsuits for me, like the opening person in the beginning of this video. The video looks at many issues of corruption in pharma on many different levels.

The story of drug money dominating psychiatry in the Lancet

"The US National Institute of Mental Health proclaimed the 1990s “the decade of the brain.” A simplistic biological reductionism increasingly ruled the psychiatric roost. Patients and their families learned to attribute mental illness to faulty brain biochemistry, defects of dopamine, or a shortage of seratonin. It was biobabble as deeply misleading and unscientific as the psychobabble it replaced, but as marketing copy it was priceless. "

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