Rest in peace John McCarthy: founder of Mad Pride Ireland

John McCarthy, founder of Mad Pride Ireland has died. The world has lost an important voice. He was an incredibly lovely man with great passion. I shared the below in two different posts a few months ago. They're both so astonishingly inspiring I put them into one post in his memory.

Dyesthesias: abnormal pain from psych drug withdrawal (and info about other sorts of pains too)

I don't often talk about the numerous, odd and often acute aches and pains we who've been harmed by drugs often experience as a result of the iatrogenic damage from taking and then withdrawing from psychiatric drugs. I've referred to them often but not too often do I get explicit....this post explores some of them.

Video: Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs: A Harm Reduction Approach | Will Hall

New Video: Will Hall provides an overview of how to come off psychiatric medication.

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