Peer-Run Respite Webinar Series (free: register now)

Peer-Run respites/hospital diversion programs are increasing in numbers and having positive results across the country. Peer-run respites offer an alternative to traditional mental health hospitalization, are operated by peers, and are cost-effective. (sign up now!)

PTSD, whistleblowing and chemical injury: There are some human experiences that others can’t really understand

"There are some human experiences that others can’t really understand. I learned a bit about that half a life ago when I developed a painful back problem that never got better, even with surgery. I learned to not talk about it, because even well-meaning responses were alienating. People would recount their own back stories [but they got better]. It helped me out to understand that they had nothing in their own catalog of experiences that fit mine. They couldn’t understand."

Celebrating crisis

A lovely talk on the nature of life on our planet in our universe delivered by a lovely woman: Creative cooperation is the mature way in evolution and it's been demonstrated over and over. It's cheaper to feed your enemies than to kill them!

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