Relax – (mindfulness, just one minute at a time)

Rick Hanson, whose work really delights me, now has a youtube channel with Just One Minute practices. They are simple and straight forward tips, making mindfulness practice a part of every minute of our lives. That is how it's supposed to be, but it's so often taught in ways that make people think it's not... Continue Reading →

Grief to become just another form of depression? another disorder for the DSM5 (and alternative ways of thinking about that pain)

As we watch the hullabaloo around the creation of the next DSM, one of the moves towards increasing pathology in normal people is to label grief a depression, hence opening the floodgates that more people will be treated with antidepressants. The fact is this has already been happening for a long time. Many people are introduced to antidepressants after the loss of a loved one or after a divorce etc. Still, to further legitimize the mass drugging of normal pain and heartbreak that all human beings will face at one time of another as we live our lives is a bad direction to move in. The DSM5 wants to do that.

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