David Healy MD has started a blog and website that will collect info from patients harmed by psychiatric drugs

Share your story — So if you or your partner, parent, child, or friend has been through the “system” — injured by treatment and possibly trapped in a Kafkaesque world when you haven’t got the help you needed from doctors, regulators, or anyone else you thought should be there to help, fill in the form below and let me know the details. (Have a look at my first few blog posts and see if you can provide something complementary.)

Many existing detox centers for psych drug withdrawal are dangerous (Novus Drug Detox, Florida etc)

This is a long post that cuts and pastes all my documentation on this program. At the end is the original story of what happened while I was there. It's not the neatest documentation, I just want to be sure it's available information. If anyone is having a complicated withdrawal THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO GO.

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