A message to parents of those labeled mentally ill and/or schizophrenic

Rossa Forbes, mother extraordinaire, posted a lovely piece about her and her son on Mad in America a couple of days ago. Please go read it and share your thoughts with her in the comment section. She has a very important message: Holistic Recovery from Schizophrenia: a mother and son’s journey.

Any parent to any child in the mental health system, regardless of diagnosis would do well to learn from this courageous woman.

The article begins:

I am a mother of a son who was given a diagnosis of schizophrenia in December 2003, a son who is doing well today perhaps due to my refusing to buy into the medical model of the so-called “illness.” I wasted a couple of precious years at first because I bought, albeit without much enthusiasm, the costly medical model. I spent the years until now struggling against this model.

There is so much to  talk about, that I’ll narrow the focus of this post to the perils of the diagnosis of schizophrenia. The original diagnosis of schizophrenia handed down by doctors who should have known better but didn’t bother to inform themselves, set our family up for needless suffering and prolonged my son’s psychosis. I can’t speak for my son, but I can tell you what the diagnosis did from my perspective. (READ THE REST)

I once introduced her here on Beyond Meds like this:

As a mother of a child who was labeled with a psychiatric illness Rossa is able to say with plenty of self-respect what others cannot say. Without self-blame she is able to take appropriate amounts of responsibility while also encouraging her son to do the same. Her whole blog is worth reading by anyone but especially parents who find themselves in the mental health system with their children regardless of diagnosis.

More by Rossa Forbes that I’ve shared on Beyond Meds:

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