Fierce Grace: one of my favorite films ever (whole thing here)

It’s no longer available on youtube. You can buy the DVD on Amazon here.

After any major physical “insult,” as they call it, it’s all too easy to see yourself as a collection of symptoms rather than as a total human being, including your spirit — and thus to become your illness. Fear is powerful and contagious.

At first I allowed myself to catch it, worried that if I didn’t do what the doctors ordered, I’d be sorry. But now I’m learning to take my healing into my own hands. Healing, after all, is not the same as curing; healing does not mean going back to the way things were before, but rather allowing “what is now”.

Ram Dass


A documentation of Ram Dass as he recovers from a very serious stroke. This is one of my all time favorite films and above is the entire thing on youtube.

For your own copy of the film: Ram Dass: Fierce Grace

More by Ram Dass:

●  Remember, Be Here Now (this classic, was appropriately, a formative book of my youth 🙂

●  Still Here: Embracing Aging, Changing, and Dying

●  Be Love Now: The Path of the Heart

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