A conversation about suicide

Most people who feel suicidal need to talk about it. Approaching people with love and openness means NOT being terrified of that persons dark places. And not reacting in a knee-jerk and controlling manner. That has never allowed anyone to feel safe to open up about the painful vulnerability they are most assuredly experiencing when feeling suicidal. I don’t really know why it’s considered helpful to react to people who feel suicidal with terror and control which often manifests by violently committing them to a psychiatric ward all while traumatizing them further than they already are. Really, we need to rethink how we’re taught to “help” those who are suffering in this manner!

Be here now

Unwilling to fully live the life that is arriving in our bodies moment by moment, we find ourselves left with no real life at all. In our state of disembodied dissatisfaction we may think, 'I feel like I’m disconnected. Maybe I need to change my job, or change my relationship, maybe, maybe, maybe.' But the fact is that the fullness of our human existence is already happening all the time.

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