Happy Pills, Anxiety Drugs, and Therapists Galore

But more of us than ever are discontented and not experiencing optimum emotional well-being. What is wrong with this picture? Why is the vast enterprise of professional mental health unable to help us feel better? I want you to consider the possibility that the basic assumptions of mainstream psychiatric medicine are obsolete and no longer serve us well. Those assumptions constitute the biomedical model of mental health and dominate the whole field.

Wow. Keris Jan Myrick elected president of NAMI

This is a massive change in leadership. I won't go into what it might mean right now. You all can think about the implications for yourselves. Let's just say Keris Jan Myrick is a woman who knows something about self-empowerment and healing and could not have been elected without some sort of crack in the foundation of... Continue Reading →

I want to speak to you about Love…

I Will Not Whisper. I want to speak to you about Love about how you deny yourself its slightest entry about how much you truly fear Love’s silent embrace. I want to talk to you about what you will not allow yourself to see— about the beauty inside that you turn your face from. Yes,... Continue Reading →

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