Mental Health Matters – Peer Respite Centers

Peer respite centers are community-based alternative models of mental health residential care. They foster wellness, are holistic in scope, and are staffed by people who are peers in terms of having experience in psychiatric crisis. ● Clearly a much more humane and healing way to go! And it saves money too. It does not fill the pockets of pharma and psychiatrists though. Wow, yes, a healing refuge for the psyche with NO psychiatrists. And they work...better than hospitals. This is the wave of the future.

Living With Voices

The commonsense understanding that accompanied this wisdom was that nonpharmacological treatments for schizophrenia were useless. But recently a new grassroots movement has emerged. It argues that if patients learn to address their voices directly and appropriately, as if each voice had intention and agency, the voices will become less hostile and eventually go away. From the perspective of modern psychiatry, this assertion is radical, even dangerous. But it is being taken seriously by an increasing number of patients and psychiatrists.

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