SUGAR: infographic and general info

The New York Times a while back covered the toxicity of our favorite "food." Diet matters and it's about time the mainstream media starting attending to this fact. There are many things in the standard American diet that harm. Sugar is as good a place as any to start learning about this issue that we might start making moves towards improving the quality of food that we put into our bodies and thus heal our whole beings. (info and infographic included)

The pain of heartbreak and mourning

The pain of mourning and heartbreak is neurologically similar to being submitted to torture. There seems to be only one way to end that agony. Neuroscience calls it an "evolutionary jump" and Jungians call it the process of Individuation. The good news is, if you love, your heart should be broken at some point in your life. If not, your love may remain the innocent love of a child. Ginette Paris will demonstrate how neuroscience agrees with the basic tenants of depth psychology and will discuss how the process of Individuation begins with heartbreak.

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