UK psychologist now thrives after the damning diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia

A diagnosis of schizophrenia or psychotic bipolar need not be a life-long cross to bear. People are generally told these diagnosis are lifelong disabilities that will worsen without life-long medications. This is simply not the case in many instances and in fact there is much evidence to the contrary. Life-long use of psychiatric drugs can actually worsen symptoms in a great many people. Too few people are granted the opportunity or given the information to find out if they might heal in other ways and what other options they might have.

Love and fear are the same energy

Love and fear are the same energy. One is a characteristic of consciousness, whereas the other is a characteristic of unconsciousness. Love can exist in an atmosphere of fear, but fear cannot exist in love. Where consciousness is present, love holds sway and fear is no more. Attachment becomes non-attachment. Disease becomes easiness. -- Ivan... Continue Reading →

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