Will a flashmob ever NOT make me cry? (Saturday Mellow)

Will a flashmob ever NOT make me cry? (something lovely on this otherwise grim day of posts)

Blaming the mentally ill for violence is bad public policy as well as just plain misguided

Another repost of an article that talks sense from the last time we had a tragic shooting. The aftermath of these things are always horrifying in a completely other way as “normal” people completely lose all sense of reality and terror starts reigning supreme, leading to another sort of dangerousness, more insidious than what triggered it.

Demands that it be easier to involuntarily commit the mentally ill are knee-jerk and irrational

This is an article that I posted during the last “crazed shooter” fallout. Because of all the painfully ignorant reactions after these tragedies happen I feel it’s important to add some perspective even while I hate entering the fray at all. We are all at risk if we let ignorance and terror dictate public policy after these incidents occur.

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