“I wrote a new story for my nervous system” — neurosculpting, neuroplasticity

Updated note, Jan. 2015: I really enjoyed this (neurosculpting) system and while I don’t practice this precisely anymore it helped inform an important part of my own journey as I was coming to understand how these principles work in my body/mind/spirit. I have found that from learning from many different people who have healed from pretty intense histories I can piece meal my own (ever-changing) protocol…this has been necessary. We don’t have clones running about to tell us exactly what to do. Still, this program helped so much that I was shocked to see that I had written this post this year. It felt like a long long time ago, since I’ve incorporated so much of what I learned since then.

This is so EXCITING. I listened to this with such complete and total delight. This interview with Lisa Wimberger is, in large part, what I have been creating for myself…not even understanding all aspects, which means that listening to this interview was BRAIN CANDY too. Lisa Wimberger talks about brain candy as being part of the healing process.

Psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome often results in a severe injury to the autonomic nervous system. Listen and learn. Hearing this explanation further helps and educates my own process. Again, exciting.

Also anyone with any trauma issues or autonomic nervous system issues may find this helpful. Many long term chronic health issues end up involving the nervous system as they are traumatic in many ways: Protracted psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome, chronic illness, CFS, Fibromyalgia. Yeah, they all have things in common.

I love how she talks about how the brain loves novelty. That is the cornerstone of what I do for myself. I find truth EVERYWHERE. Pieces of the puzzle everywhere. I am constantly rewriting and reformulating my story. And I love how she addresses these concepts…again, brain candy for me.

She is also talking about exercise, diet, meditation, and new habits…all things I talk about all the time in my own healing process are all critically important. I write about this at Mad in America: Everything Matters: a Memoir From Before, During and After Psychiatric Drugs. She is helping me bring together many things I’ve been working on. Articulating it in the most delightful way which will help further along my own process.

So listen here from Sounds True, an interview with Tami Simon:

Founder of the Neurosculpting Institute Lisa Wimberger speaks with Tami Simon about how people can change their ingrained beliefs and conditioned behaviors using her revolutionary method. Neurosculpting takes a whole-brained approach to changing the way we deal with stress. Lisa relates how to “set up our brains for change” by calming our fight, flight, and freeze response, and guides us through a Neurosculpting session so we can see how we might respond in a new way to a stressful situation. (66 minutes)

and also a short video on youtube


It contributes to high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, PTSD, neurodegenerative diseases, and suicide.

Drawing on her own history of trauma and experience helping “first responders,” Lisa Wimberger teaches powerful and easy-to-practice meditation techniques that improve the mental and emotional quality of life for those who are suffering. These techniques can be used at any time to turn back the body’s clock, regenerate the mind, break negative patterns, and heal emotional wounds.

I just bought this program. Looking very forward to getting into it…I’m sure it’s going to help bring together a lot of my own work. Thank you, thank you Lisa Wimberger and Sounds True!

See also from Beyond Meds: Neuroplasticity: enormous implications for anyone who has been labeled with a psychiatric illness  


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