From the upcoming film CrazyWise: Gabor Mate — myth of normal

Physician Dr. Gabor Mate began his interview by addressing the “myth of normal” that divides us into the normal and the abnormal with pathological traits. Dr. Mate mentions that he doesn’t see a division but a continuum where mental distress, of some degree, is present in all of us. He explains how mental distress and pathology are largely a result of a materialist culture that “idealizes individualism and ignores our emotional needs.”


Phil Borges is at the tale end of a kickstarter fundraiser to make this film happen. Let’s help him reach his goal. visit the KICKSTARTER PAGE FOR MORE INFO and to make a donation.

See more on the subject of what is NORMAL here on Beyond Meds

Crazywise seems like a really wonderful endeavor and film. Here is a brief descriptor from the kickstarter page:

It’s no secret that the vast majority of these friends, neighbors and relatives will never find effective, lasting treatment. It’s a sobering fact that more than half of U.S. prisoners and a quarter of America’s homeless suffer from mental health issues.

To counter this trend, survivor-led activists and advocates are emerging to challenge the current system. These movements include successful treatment approaches like Open Dialogue in Northern Finland. In addition to Open Dialogue, the film explores new organizations and programs including: Peer-to Peer counseling, the National Empowerment Center, Stand Up for Mental Health, the Hearing Voices Network, Patients Like Me and Mad Pride. These programs emphasize hope for recovery, acceptance, mentorship and relationships.

It struck Phil that this was the same model of mentor-based relationships he’d witnessed and photographed in Africa, Asia and South America among indigenous cultures. He found some of these insights buried deep in the timeless shamanic traditions of remote indigenous cultures around the world. (kickstarter page here)

Phil Borges has traveled and researched the world now it seems.

Here is another post with Phil Borges on Beyond Meds:  Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening: Phil Borges at TED

I just reposted some of Gabor Mate’s work the other day as well: Mental illness, addiction & most chronic physical illness is the result of childhood loss & trauma


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