How to access the information on this site

This site has about 5,000 posts/pages. The first thing one can do to familiarize oneself with the scope of the content is to peruse the drop-down menus at the top of page. Those menus organize and collect a lot of information by subject and categories.

You can also access the archives by doing a search query in the search box on the right or by using the category listing below the search box also on the right.

I know that when folks are in psychiatric drug withdrawal or any sort of crisis the information here can seem overwhelming. Take it in tiny bits during such times. Don’t try to read everything. Let yourself be drawn to one or two titles and read just that. Come back another time when it feels like you might want to read more.

I will be working on the category listings over time so that the most appropriate posts will appear when searches are done. Some of the categories haven’t been properly maintained over time and I do intend to clean and update the listings.

Here are some sample search queries with the results in the link. Just click through:

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