Yoga, acupressure and self massage for gut healing

I’ve not done a yoga post in a long time. Here are the yoga posts I’ve done in the past. I love yoga! This post also includes acupressure and a self-massage.

I’ve been on an ongoing journey of healing the gut in a multitude of ways. Lately I discovered that gut motility was an issue for me. I hadn’t considered myself constipated because I have daily bowel movements, but it turns out that my transit time was way too slow at about 36 hours. This is actually a pretty serious issue and has affected my small intestine with SIBO…an ongoing infection I’ve simply not been able to eliminate even with lots of diet and supplements helping. Everything keeps getting better but there is still a lot of work to get this body in balance.

Legs up the wall

Since I realized motility was an issue I’ve started working on improving it and I’m feeling the benefits of my efforts. There are herbs and supplements that can help too, but here today I’m sharing with you the body and movement stuff I’ve come up with. My husband thought of the massage and yoga idea and sent me some links and then I found the acupressure video as well. It’s all helping very much and has become part of my mindfulness practices lately. All this stuff is done as a meditation when I do them. I do them as many times a day as needed. I put together combinations of what I’ve learned in these videos as well as some other moves too. Legs up the wall remains a favorite and seems to help too. I do the legs up the wall while doing the acupressure points and/or the belly massage as well.

I use youtube all the time to learn stuff like this. I encourage you do the same for whatever particular issues you have. These videos are my personal latest discoveries. It’s likely you need to learn about different stuff. What might that be? Have fun discovering natural methods to heal by using youtube and google search!

This yoga routine is all on the ground and very gentle. Good for before bed or anytime really.


This one is a little more vigorous but remains fairly easy. Remember to listen to your body. There was a time both these yoga routines were far too much for me. Do only as much yoga as feels safe. It’s very powerful. Even just a couple of minutes of yoga can be enough depending on what we need and the condition of our bodies.

I love these acupressure points. I can feel them affecting my insides immediately and they can be done pretty much anywhere.

Massage is good too! Self massage in general is a great thing to learn along with acupressure.




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