healing inside….

By Jen Peer Rich

I am an unrepeatable meal. As I am healing inside through self-inquiry, the more I appreciate the magic and mystery of being a unique being. My spiritual journey is my own, no one can come with me inside here.

For every one of us there is a solitary spiritual path carved out in the messy minute of our life experiences. For me this path inward is too specific, traumatic and complex for anyone else to have taken this ride inward that leads me to who I am. Though I try, I couldn’t tell you how I got here with any surety.

I share bites and pieces in writings with awareness that I can’t ever share this glorious meal that is my inner life. The meal is mine to appreciate. Your meal is yours to enjoy. Others along the way tell me about my motivations or impose conditions, but I realized early on that no one else can taste the exactness of myself as I do. I trust that. Teachings in endless forms but none perfectly match what I easily experience for myself moment to moment.

In this inner relationship with who I am, I find increasing intimacy with thoughts, thinking, beliefs, images and with my conditioning. I hold them as once in a lifetime opportunities for conscious experience. I care to engage this world inside me because I want to know this being I am. Now is my chance to directly experience the inner gift meant for only me. This is my unrepeatable spiritual life and it cannot be found anywhere except inside of here.


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Jen Peer Rich is a friend in presence. She lives in Atlanta with 5 rescue dogs and is married to her best friend, Iris. Jen has a MA in Transpersonal Ecopsychology from Naropa jenUniversity and is presently working on a PhD in Transformative Studies from California Institute of Integral Studies. Her research centers on self-awareness and reclaiming ecological consciousness. She has two books about Nonduality available for free download at Friends in Presence or on amazon kindle. You can find Jen writing and collaborating in the Facebook hive, she’s always open to making new friends there.

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  1. Yes, your experiences are yours alone, and nobody can share or comment on them. I am happy to see that you have treaded o this path of self-inspection, which will always help you to hold your ground.

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