A silly but true video as to why one should go organic

Over the last 3 years we have slowly been doing more and more organic food. When we were on a vastly more limited income we chose to do most of our meats organic and grew our own organic veggies 6 months out of the year, but then the rest of the year compromised by buying conventional produce. Now that our income has increased we’re able to do more, but it’s still not easy. I’m very lucky to have a great grocery store nearby (since we’ve moved) where most of the organic food they get is cheaper than conventional food in an ordinary grocery store because it’s a store that takes excesses of other stores as well as almost expired stuff. It’s in big ugly warehouse and it’s poorly lit and in some disarray, but it’s my favorite store on the planet.

By shopping there we’ve been able to crank up our organics to probably about 80 or 90 percent of everything we eat. Because this store is hit and miss on what you can get there we do have to shop at regular expensive health food stores for items they don’t have on hand at any given time.

In any case, I know because I lived at poverty level for a several years, that going completely organic is simply impossible for some people, but I think this video makes an important point. The more people buy organic in the long run will drive prices down along with all the other good reasons to buy organic. I guess what I’m saying is some organic whenever possible is better than no organic, for your health and the planet both.

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  1. Hi Gianna,

    I haven’t been as strict as usual with the organic because I have been eating some of the food my husband cooks. But he does understand that I don’t want to eat the meat he chooses.

  2. I am better today, thanks Duane…
    I have my usual degree of weakness, but I can type again and I even went out briefly to the above mentioned grocery store.

    It’s very strange how I get spells where my body just does freaky crap at a much higher frequency…

    I still want to be so much better than I am even today though …even on my best days I’m severely impaired…

  3. The video had some good info Gianna….

    With two boys, and being on SSDI (at least for a little while longer), we can’t afford all organic, but we buy as much as we can….It helps to hear this….makes me feel like we’re doing something anyway.

    Hope you’re feeling a little better today.

    My best,


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