Beware new anxiety drug

This is exactly what they said about Xanax…and the benzos that followed Valium in general. They were safe and did not cause addiction, when in fact it’s harder to come off the newer shorter acting drugs than it is to get off Valium. I lived in a generation that spit out new psychiatric drugs every year. I tried just about everyone of them and everyone of them are implicated in horrible adverse reactions including early death.

I won’t ever try a new drug again. One whose long term adverse events can’t possibly be known. Hell no. Been there done that. I’m done.

From Reuters:

German scientists believe they may have found a better anxiety drug that can counteract panic attacks without the side effects caused by existing treatments like Valium.

Anxiety drugs such as Valium work well but produce side-effects that include drowsiness, forgetfulness and clumsiness and, when taken over time, can induce dependency.

The new compound, XBD173, appears to avoid these problems by targeting a different biological “don’t panic” button, making it a good potential candidate for use as a safe and fast-acting anxiety pill.

Researchers published details of their experimental drug in the journal Science on Thursday, including encouraging results from an initial Phase I clinical study, which was sponsored by Swiss drugmaker Novartis. (rest of article)

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