To those of us for whom father’s day is only a rememberance of pain

There are hundreds of thousands of us who had cruel, abusive, mean fathers. Today I send healing thoughts of love to all of us. We don’t have to pretend it didn’t happen.

Peace to you.

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  1. Peace to all who are in pain this Fathers’ Day. Very sad that many people who experience pain are medicated to numb the pain, causing them untold harm from the side effects of the drugs in the long run. I wish there was more support to allow those in pain to acknowledge their pain, grieve over it and allow time to heal their wounds, rather than medicating them indefinitely. Courage to all those who are grappling with such pain.

  2. I understand, as I had no relationship with my father until a year ago or so…..I wish I had some advice, but this has always been a hard day for me too. I was forced to celebrate it as a child with a stepfather who was physically, sexually, and emotionally abusing me. Now I just try to honor my husband…

  3. Yes. Thank you so much for these words. Gianna you will feel everything so much more keenly right now. I remember this from nine years ago. I’d been medicated for six years and when the feelings flood back it’s overwhelming. This is never a good day for me either; it does get less painful. Hold on Gianna the rawness will subside. Care for yourself today. Sending love and support.

    1. Happy Summer Solstice Jaleesa!

      this is the most painful father’s day I’ve ever experienced. I’m basically drug free for the first time in 2 decades so it’s not surprising. Numbing all that crap for so long.

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